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The purpose of this page consists in allowing users to track the different AWB shipments in the system.

How to use this page

When you open this page the system will automatically default the from/to dates to 5 days prior and 10 days after today's date. Simply enter any additional search filters to narrow down your results. Alternatively you can use the "Shortcuts" link to quickly change the dates.

By clicking on the "Export" or "Export AWB Details" button you can export the information from the grid. In addition to this you can perform the following actions for each AWB by clicking under the "Actions" icon:

  • Edit: Allows you to change the AWB #, the flight date, cargo agent, origin and destination airports.
  • Open/Close: Allows you to open or close an AWB. Closed AWBs restrict growers from adding boxes to the AWB.
  • Cancel: Allows you to cancel (delete) an AWB. This action cannot be undone but will allow the user to confirm twice prior to proceed.
  • Add Comments: Allows you to add comments to the AWB. The comments will be displayed with a red icon next to the AWB number.
  • Print Labels: This option prints the labels for the AWB. You will be able to choose the sort method used as well determine certain information that will be printed on the labels.
  • Receive AWB: This option automatically changes the status of all boxes in the AWB to "Received Miami". In order to return any boxes to the "FS" status you must do so from the "Edit Shipping Info" section.
  • AWB Details: This option allows the user to add some additional details to the AWB, such as: Shipper's name, Flight #, Collect, Prepaid, Entry #, etc.
  • AWB Receiving Report: Allows you to generate a Receiving Report by AWB. This report contains the following columns: Consignee, Grower, House #, Pieces, FBE, Kilos.


House Summary

To view more detailed information on a particular AWB simply click on the AWB number on the AWB Summary grid. This will open the House Summary page which displays a list of all the house AWBs in this master AWB. For each house AWB you can print labels or add comments by clicking on the icons under the "Actions" column. You can also export the information from the grid in Excel and print the labels for all of the houses within this AWB. Clicking on any house AWB will open the "Box Summary" page for this house AWB.

WMS - House Summary.png

Box Summary

Clicking on any house AWB will open the Box Summary page. This page displays each of the boxes that are in the house AWB. From this screen you can print the labels and export the information to Excel. WMS - Box Summary.png


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