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This section allows you to manage the consignees in the system.

How to use this page

When you open this page the system will display a grid with all of the existing consignees in the system. You can narrow down these results by using the different filter options.

WMS - Consignees.png

Adding a new consignee

To add new consignees simply click on the “Click here to add consignees” link above the grid. Enter the consignee information and save. The new consignee will be automatically added to the system.

WMS - Consignees2.png

Editing a Consignee

To edit a consignee simply search for the consignee and click the “Edit” button under the “Actions” column.

Consignee Information

Each consignee has different sections that store specific information that’s associated to the account. To access each section simply edit a consignee and click on the corresponding tab.

Company Information

This section contains the most basic company information. Most fields are self explanatory except the following:

  • Armellini Code: The Armellini consignee account number. This is required to EDI the information to Armellini.
  • Prime Code: The Prime consignee account number. This is required to EDI the information to Prime.
  • Legacy Code: This code allows you to use an existing code from an external or prior system in order to reference the consignee on the WMS.
  • Code: The consignee code in the WMS.
  • Customer Group Code: Consignees that use the same customer group code will be displayed under this group.

WMS - Consignees4.png


This tab offers to options:

  • Email POD: Enabling this option will automatically email a copy of the POD to the consignee’s email address as soon as it’s uploaded into the system.
  • Email Shipment Notification: Enabling this option will automatically email the details of the shipment to the consignee’s email once it’s been processed.

WMS - Consignees5.png


This section allows you to add any contacts that are associated to the consignee. Each contact can be setup to receive a copy of the POD as well as the shipment notification. This will allow you to setup certain contacts that only want to receive certain information.

WMS - Consignees6.png

Days of Service

The days of service determine the default carrier that will be used for the consignee each day of the week. Please note that only one carrier can be setup per consignee per day. When users are processing the AWBs in the “Assign Carriers” step the system will automatically suggest the corresponding carrier for the day of the week that’s selected (this information can be overridden by the user).

WMS - Consignees7.png

Ship To’s

This section allows you to create any “Ship To’s” that are associated to the consignee. A “Ship To” is an alternate shipping address that is used by the consignees. You can add as many ship to addresses as required by your consignees.

WMS - Consignees8.png


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