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This page allows you to manage the growers that are used by the system.

How to use this page

Once this page is opened the system will display a list of all of the existing growers in the system. You can narrow your search using the search options on the top of the page.

WMS - Growers1.png

Adding a new grower

To add a new grower simply click the “Click here to add growers” link and enter the new grower information.

WMS - Growers2.png

Editing a grower

To edit a grower simply search for the grower and click on the “Edit” link under the “Actions” column.

Associating consignees

A grower can be linked to multiple consignees. To assign or un-assign a grower from a consignee click under “Actions > View Consignees”. In this screen you can filter for any consignees and click on the corresponding links to assign or un assign the consignees from the grower.

WMS - Growers3.png

Associating products

Growers can be linked to multiple products. To associate a grower to items simply click under "Actions > View Products". From this screen you can associate as many items as needed to the grower.

WMS - Growers5.png


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