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The purpose of this page is to allow users to quickly track the AWB information.

How to use this page

In order to efficiently use this page you must learn how to use the filters on the top of the page. These filters will always default to certain date and you can change the date ranges, AWB # and/or origin/destination airports to narrow down your searches. Clicking on a quantity under any status will open a window that will allow you to print specific labels from that shipment. WMS - AWB SummaryTracking.png

Additional options

The AWB Summary page allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Export AWB Summary: Export the AWB summary information in Excel.
  • Export AWB Summary by Carrier: Export the AWB summary information by carrier in Excel.
  • Add Comments: Allows you to enter comments to the master AWB.
  • Print AWB Breakdown: Exports an Excel by vendor, customer and carrier with the total quantities per box type.
  • Send AWB Breakdown: Allows you to email the AWB Breakdown report.
  • Print AWB by Consignee: Exports an Excel grouped by consignee for the AWB with the total pieces and FBE.

Box Status by House AWB

To view more detailed information on a particular AWB simply click on the AWB number on the AWB Summary grid. This will open the Box Status by House AWB page which displays a list of all the house AWBs in this master AWB. From this page you can view the amount of boxes that are under each of the different statuses.

WMS - Box Status By House.png

Box Details

Clicking on any house AWB will open the Box Summary page. This page displays each of the boxes that are in the house AWB. WMS - Box Summary2.png


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  2. Tracking
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