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The purpose of this page is to display a summary of the carrier shipments for a given date range. The system will automatically default to today's date.

How to use this page

Simply view today's shipments or change the filters on the top of the page narrow or broaden your search. You can also perform the following actions from this page:

  • Invoices: This option will display a list of invoices that are associated to this truck.
  • Breakdown: This option downloads a PDF file which contains the truck breakdown.
  • Print BOL: Allows you to print the bill of lading for this shipment.

WMS - Truck Summary.png

Truck Summary by Location

Clicking on any carrier will open the Truck Summary by Location page. This page will display a list of all the customers that are being shipped on this carrier. You can filter by consignee or group as well.

WMS - Truck Summary by Location.png

Piece Breakdown

Clicking on any consignee from the previous page will open the Piece Breakdown page which displays all of the vendors and products that are being shipped to this particular consignee. You can export this information to Excel.

WMS - Truck Summary by Location.png


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