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This page allows you to associate AWB shipments with their corresponding carriers and ship dates.

How to use this page

When you open this page the system will default to certain dates. You can change the filters in the top of the page in order to narrow or broaden your search. The system will display the AWB summary with the most basic information. You will be able to quickly identify which AWBs are pending to be processed based on the "Pieces" and "Assigned" values under each column. The "Pieces" refers to the total pieces in the AWB and the "Assigned" refers to the total number of pieces that have been assigned a carrier and ship date.

Assigning Carriers

To assign a carrier follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Assign Carriers" link for the AWB that you want to process.
  2. In the next screen you will view a list of all of the customers that are in the AWB with a truck date and carrier. Please note that the truck date and/or carrier can be pre-filled or empty. This varies based on how the information is sent by the Cargo Agent.
  3. For each consignee simply enter the Truck Date and and the carrier. Please note that the system will automatically suggest a carrier based on the days of service that have been setup for the customer (these will have a light blue background).

WMS - Assign Carriers.png WMS - Assign Carriers2.png

Additional Options

From this page you can also perform the following actions after checking off the customers from the grid:

  • Print BOL: This option prints the bill of lading for the selected consignees.
  • Send Emails: Allows you to enter some notes and send them to the selected consignees.
  • Print Labels: This option allows you to print the labels for the selected consignees.

Bulb.png Please keep in mind that as soon as you assign a truck date and a carrier the system will automatically update the carrier shipping.


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