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The purpose of this page consists in allowing you to search for specific boxes (or a group of boxes that meet certain conditions) in order to change one or more fields, view detailed information about the box or view the history for each box.

How to use this page

The first thing that you need to do is to review the filters on the top of the page and change them accordingly. This will allow you to find the items that you’re searching for.

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Changing Box Information

In order to change any information that’s associated to the boxes that are listed in the search results simply choose the lines that you want to change and then click the “Edit” button that’s located on the upper left hand side of the grid. This will open up a new window from where you can change the consignee, carrier, truck date, box type, dimension, product and box status. Please be aware that there is no undo so once you save the changes they’re automatically applied in the system.

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Viewing Detailed Box Information

In order to view additional box information simply click on the magnifying glass for that row. The system will display a window that will display all of the information that’s associated to that specific box.

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Viewing the Box History

Clicking on the clock icon will display the box history for that particular row. This window contains the columns: the date, action and message. • Date: The date of the action. • Action: The action that took place on the boxes. • Message: The details of the change that took place based on the actions.

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Returning a Box to the Inventory

In order to return some boxes to the inventory simply choose the boxes that you want to return and click on the "Return to Inventory" button. If you wish to return the boxes to the original customer, just leave the field blank otherwise please select the customer that you want to associate those boxes.

Exporting to Excel

To export the search results to Excel simply click on the “Excel” icon on the top of the grid with the results.


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