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The purpose of the “POD Reconciliation” page is to ensure that all PODs (Proof of Deliveries) are properly reconciled in the system.

How to use this page

When this page is opened it will automatically default to today’s date. You can modify the filters to search for the shipments that you’re looking for.

Manually Receiving a POD

If you manually receive a POD you can simply click on the “Receive” link for the corresponding shipment. This will automatically change the status to “Received and will update the “Statistics” section accordingly.

WMS -POD1.png

Receiving PODs by Scanning

If your WMS is setup with the POD scanning component ( the system will automatically change the status to “Scanned” once the POD has been processed.

Using the “Statistics”

This page has a section on the right hand side of the filters called “Statistics”. This section displays the total number of BOLs that were created based on the filters that are applied. There are three different statuses for the BOLs:

  • Printed: The remaining number of BOLs that were printed but not processed.
  • Received: The total number of PODs that have been manually marked as “Received”.
  • Scanned: The total number of PODs that have been scanned and uploaded into the system.

Notice that the system will display this information in both numbers and percentages.

WMS - Print Bill Of LadingStats.png


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