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The truck summary provides a summarized view by carrier and by box status of the boxes that will be shipped on a particular date range. This page defaults to today’s date.

How to use this page

To narrow down your search you can use the filters on the top of the page. Once you’ve filtered the information that you’re looking for you can look at the results on the grid. The system will display the total number of pieces and FBE that will be shipped by carrier by date. Notice that the boxes for any given carrier can be spread out under different statuses.

WMS - Truck Summary.png

You can also print the labels and the bill of ladings for each of the carriers.

Truck Summary by Location

Clicking on any carrier name will open the “Truck Summary by Location” page that will display a grid with the “Consignee Ship To”, “House Consignee” and the boxes for each status. You can also print the labels and the bill of ladings for each of the consignees on the grid.

WMS - Truck Summary by Location2.png

Piece Breakdown

Clicking on any consignee name will open the “Piece Breakdown” page that will display the grower, product and boxes under each status.

WMS - Piece Breakdown.png


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